#NoPlaceLeft Vision

ACTS 19:9-10


Our vision is to see #NoPlaceLeft where the Gospel has not been proclaimed. That's when we know our work in an area is done. To that end, we catalyze church planting movements that bring hope to the lost and mobilize leaders to new fields.

We believe this vision is worth dying for.

Come to a training or join our support team to be a part of what God is doing.


Join the Team.

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We are a support-based ministry. Visit our giving page to contact us or set up monthly donations. Our supporters are a critical part of our team.

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We use the Four Fields strategy to engage lost people and expand God's kingdom. Learn more about our vision, tools, and other resources.

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Our daily prayer is Luke 10:2. We are asking that the Lord would raise up laborers to go out into His harvest. If you'd like to join us in the work, come to a training in the US.